Sobranie Redefined

(Black-6 mg, Blue-5 mg, Chrome-4 mg, White-1 mg)

Sobranie King Size

(Black-7 mg, Gold-3 mg)

Sobranie Collection

(Blacks-6 mg, Golds-3 mg)

Sobranie Evolve

(Black-6 mg, Chrome-4 mg)

Sobranie Super S

(Black-6 mg, Pink-3 mg, White-1 mg, Green-5 mg, Option-6 mg)


(Black-7 mg, White-5 mg, Cocktail-5 mg)


Logic Compact

Ask the waiter for flavours and prices.


Winston Nova Blue 100

8 mg

Winston Plus

(Red-10 mg, XSpression - 7 mg)

Winston XSpression Super Line

6 mg

Winston XStyle Blue

6 mg

Winston Super Line Blue

5 mg

Winston Blue 100's

6 mg

Camel Filters

10 mg